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We’re a results-driven design, marketing and brand agency in Azerbaijan providing digital transformation for our clients. Serving the whole of the Azerbaijan, we’re a team of ambitious marketers and strategic creatives. We work in partnership with our clients to build brands, grow businesses and deliver a profitable return. We’re guided by three key values: simplicity, visibility and performance. Over the years, we have helped to coordinate stunning campaigns for many clients, ranging from multinational organisations and famous high street names to independent businesses and family-run enterprises looking to add a little local flavour.

Get to know the people behind our success!

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    Muzaffar Garakhanli

    Expert marketing professional with 6 years of executive experience. Skilled at creating campaigns centered around consumer education on product use. Persuasive communicator who is confident in presenting marketing objectives to corporate stakeholders and potential investors. Passionate leader who is able to motivate team and departmental members to collaborate around common goals. He has tended to improve his skills every day for 6 years. During self-improvement, he works mainly on his own projects, tests new tools and archives his goals with best practices.
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    Gambar Oruj

    <p>Gambar Oruj is a motivated and qualified digital marketing professional with a passion for learning and becoming an “Expert” in this field.He has a diverse background working for the corporate business as well as developing Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs.Gambar has helped over 50+ companies with their Digital Strategy.Gambar is an automation evangelist and is on a mission to empower all great businesses with the tools to generate amazing leads.</p>
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    Nigar Ismayilova

    Project Manager
    <p>Nigar has worked in the field of business processes, product development and systems analysis for many years. She’s gained experience and honed her skills in financial, retail, and industrial settings before moving to the digital marketing industry.<br>She is a fast learner who prides himself on his ability to slice through information, pull out the core principles and putting them to use.</p>
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    Niyaz Ismayilov

    Mobile Software Engineer
    <p>Niyaz is a Mobile Software Engineer&nbsp;with 8+ years of web development experience. He has&nbsp;experience in building large e-commerce websites, community mobile applications, educational applications , business websites, and products and services websites using Dart, and Java programming language. Also the maintainer of several Dart modules,&nbsp;he&nbsp;writes clean, supported, easily extendable code in accordance with Dart best practices and coding standards.</p>
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    Parvin Rustamov

    Creative Director
    <p>Professional creative director with 9+ years of experience, skilled in relationship-building and team concept development. Designed all material in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign used across all social media, web, website and merchandise platforms including t-shirts, stickers, sweaters, web advertisements, product pictures, model photography, and all creative requirements or opportunities.</p>
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    Babek Gasimzade

    Senior Copywriter
    <p>He has 7 years work experience in copywriting. He has worked for global agencies like Havas and Leo Burnett, as well as local agencies like Endorphin and Marcom. Besides copywriting, he serves as an editor of various intellectual programs broadcasting on national TV channels. Naming, slogans, script, content, and concepts all are product of his thoughts (mind). Our copywriter recalls the first sentence of the famous book as the final sentence: There was a word in the beginning...</p>

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